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Ex-human - Outline Notes for The Nanovampire
Tom Haynes

I've held out on the outline notes for The Nanovampire until they got out of sync with the story. It has a part or two I wish I had incorporated, but again, it was the basis for the story.

An outline is mainly a brain dump and may not be consistent. It may get polished up a bit or even turned directly into a story. Note for example that blowing up the station turned into blowing up Logan's head. Also, note the early adoption of the FDA as a sort of combination of Scully and Mulder from the XFiles. Why would the FDA have any gun wielding agents? I know that part doesn't come out clearly here, but in the second story chunk, Space, the Final Frontier of Medical Research (working title), Logan falls in love with such an agent.

I've mentioned this before, I don't know his real name. And in the second story chunk, I haven't even gotten to a name for the agent. I actually find not knowing her name to be weirder - I started out with the intent of not knowing his real identity. He's had 10 years to change it as needed as an assassin/mercenary/spy. But with her, I wrote through their first meeting, got them on the run from a SWAT team, and stopped there. They've been rushed and he hasn't had time to ask her for her name. It just doesn't matter to him - I don't even think he knows yet that he is about to fall for her or that he isn't going to dine off of her.

Part of the intent of presenting the outlines, character sketches, and unfinished stories is to provide insight as to how I develop a finished product. I don't know yet if I'm going to restart the second story chunk or just start something fresh. The urge to write hasn't struck me yet.

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