Serialized Science Fiction.

Batter Up
Tom Haynes

Obviously this was written before the Red Sox won the world series. The story felt complete to me originally, but in looking back at it, I think it just sets up the character for later use. I don't really get the impression that Vaughn's character is set and that we know him. On the other hand, I do feel that Logan Fox in The Nanovampire is set. I understand where he is going and perhaps even where he has been. In many ways, Logan is James Bondish. He is set in his ways, comfortable with himself, and on top of the world. With Vaughn, the story is still to unfold.

One of the reasons I don't feel this story is complete is I just re-read A Wolf and his Boy. That reminded me of how I develop stories - I feel weak with dialog so I tend to develop either characters or the plot. I then go and backfill in the dialog. In cutting and pasting in the first installment, there is no dialog.

That could be because I was trying to keep the story compact and under a certain word count. I certainly had scenes in mind which could have been added or adapted for this story.

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