Serialized Science Fiction.

Abduction, abduction, whaat's your function?
Tom Haynes

When I originally wrote this, I put it down halfway and when I picked it back up, I had forgotten the ending. I think I had him getting picked up by a spaceship making a garbage run. The filename was garbage.txt. I'm sad for the story I missed, but I was happy with how it turned out.

I'm still very apprehensive with sharing my work - you wouldn't know it from my blogging. I asked a friend to read it and he never did. I asked my wife to read it and she shared it with her family. My son (perhaps 7 at the time) overheard her talking with them about the story and got scared simply because it had aliens.

I submitted it to Critters, a critique group for Science Fictions writers. I stopped logging into that email account because I did not want to face the reviews. In the end, they mostly pointed out that the reviewers thought alien abductions had been overdone. I thought that did injustice to what I had crafted. I'm still proud of the story.

And no one got the aa in the whaat's of the title - think "Conjunction, conjunction, whaat's your function?" and see if you know the rest of the song. In any event, sometimes a title just comes to you and there isn't much you can do to shake it.

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